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increase your reach and unlock opportunities through data-driven insights and seamless sales execution. We provide an integrated field service automation solution for your sales team to view secondary demand and supply chain management signals to help companies thrive in the experience economy and accelerate growth across emerging markets




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Empower Your Sales Team

Our Web and Mobile combined app for sales automation helps you Increase sales performance through deeper insights into your team productivity and transparency across the supply chain to improve efficiency and lower cost.

Onboard and Vet Customers with Speed

With single source customer premises unique number, you can verify and onboard a customer within minutes. Meet your customers with the right promotions and stock, optimize your route to market plans, and make the most of each interaction through AI-based selling.

Manage Sales Orders in Real-Time

Our platform enables multi-modal sales operation team to generate orders from customers in real-time, share digital price list with customizable product. Route orders to accounting team for credit check in real-time, prompt delivery schedules and integrate processes to customer service including integration with your ERP.

Control Over Your Payables and Debts

Our dashboards give businesses great visibility on their trade payables. With more insight on actual payment terms, cycle times, returns, and due dates. PharmaServ allows you to make better business decisions on your trade payables and debt Management.

How We Do It

PharmaServ helps consumer packaged goods companies streamline route-to-market operations across the value chain. Our platform contains highly curated sales automation features and dataset from which you can generate insights that enables you measure product performance in the market.

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Accelerate Your Invoice-to-pay Cycle and Improve Cash flow

With PharmaServ Proprietary Dynamic Discounting any day counts in your invoice-to-pay cycle. When invoices get received, posted, and approved by sales managers, it allows your customers to pay now or quicker and in return take a higher early-payment discount. It works both ways, later payment with fewer discounts and faster payment with more discounts. No longer have you needed to improve your cash flow in a dwindling macroeconomic outlook and use your credit cycle times against invoice due dates to improve cash performance.

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Track Field Service Staff Activities

Shortening purchase-to-pay process is not only about reducing sales cycle times. It is also about creating a system that track field service staff visitations to each customer in daily basis, and route plans using integrated calendar, including assignment of meetings. With PharmaServ you can truly monitor customers appointments using GPS to track field service staff movement including customer premises check-in.

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Comprehensive Sales Analytics

Our manager’s dashboard allows you to analyze your historical sales activities, customer base, and customer run rate, and have an overall deep dive of individual customer levels. It gives you insight into where bottlenecks actually occur, what the root cause of those are and how you are going to solve them.

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Take the first step to improve your sales performance

 PharmaServ helps consumer packaged goods companies streamline route-to-market operations, reach untapped outlets and gain control of the largest, most complex networks across value chain.