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Our Platform

We operate internationally accredited end-to-end supply chain. Our platform is easy to use, 100% free for healthcare providers, fully digitized, affordable for all our users and 24 hours delivery.

Full Calendar Support

In a bid to ensure your convenience and smarter lead-time, the Pharmaserv platform offers full digital calendar support, giving you flexible control over logistics of your delivery; including your delivery schedule.

Manage Your Invoices

Track your account payable and recievable. Get rewarded for early payments, discounts just on palm of your hands.

Security and Data

We value your digital and financial security and ensure that the data we receive from you is secure and is not shared, in any form, to a third party. 

How It Works

We serve healthcare providers in Nigeria with easy to use, fully digitized, frictionless procurement platform to enable them source all their medical commodities they need to improve outcome for patients.

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Affordability and Financing Options

We offer licensed healthcare providers in Nigeria access to over 2000+ medical commodities credit options backed by free delivery. This B2B option ensures that healthcare providers can always go for the pricing category most suited to them.

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Our Services

Ensuring that we liaise with only trusted pharmaceutical companies, to ensure that we source for and supply quality drugs to meet varied customers’ needs.

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Pool Purchasing Program

Take advantage of economy of scale and reduce cost per unit in your order. We pool orders of our clients who participate in our PPP initiative to ensure they get the best discount of their purchase order.

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